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Fiiish Black Minnow Shallow Jig Heads


Fiiish Black Minnow 120 Jig Heads


Spare Heads to be used with the 120 mm Fiiish Black Minnow bodies and Krog hooks. These heads can also be used with other soft plastic and hook combinations to allow you to create your own unique deadly articulated lure.

The heads come in a range of sizes and styles to match the different sized Black Minnow bodies. The 'Shallow Head' is made from resin so that it sinks very slowly making it easier to fish shallow marks or to work the lure near to the surface. The 'Shore Head' has the mounting eye near to the front so that the lure runs flat when cast and retrieved. With the 'Offshore Heads' the mounting eye is further back making it ideal for jigging from a boat.

2 per pack.

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