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Rovers Tackle Christmas Open

Our annual Christmas Open beach match was held on New Years Eve at Lee-on-Solent. We had a fantastic turnout with 49 people fishing. Between them they caught bass, plaice, whiting, flounder and pollack. The results were as follows:

1) Darren Newland - 67cm

2) Mick Delaney - 51cm

3) Russ Warwick - 30cm

4) Phil Adams - 25cm

5) Rod Parker - 24cm

The prize for the biggest flat fish was won by Mick Delaney with a 51cm plaice. The biggest round fish was a 43cm bass caught by Darren Newland.

Thanks to everyone who fished!

Lee-on-Solent Evening Match, 11th Feb

9 people fished our latest evening match at Lee-on-Solent on Thursday 3rd November. Congratulations to Pete Jones, who won with a 258cm bag.

Total Length:
1) Pete Jones - 258cm
2) Barry Eggleton - 204cm
3) Mick Goodger - 191cm

Biggest Fish:
1) Pete Jones - 51cm dogfish
2) Roley Childs - 30cm whiting
3) Mick Goodger - 29cm whiting

Species caught included dogfish, whiting, pout, and gurnard.

The prizes for the biggest flat and round fish of the year are currently £22.50 each. Mick Goodger is currently on target to win for the biggest flat with a 25cm sole, and Dave Edwards has caught the biggest round so far with a 62cm spotted ray.

Evening Beach Matches - 2016

Whether you're a seasoned match angler or you're just starting out, we'd love to see you at our evening beach matches.

We hold ten matches a year at some of the most prolific local beaches. We pay out 100% of the money put into the pool each match. The matches are well attended and great bags of fish are caught.

Local fishing star and ex-England international angler Chris Clark regularly attends, as does tackle designer Ian Golds!

For all the details of our upcoming matches and previous results, please visit our Facebook page or give us a call on 01329 220 354.


  • Dec 1st - Stokes Bay (Bistro)

Match Results 2016

Lee-on-Solent, 3rd Nov:

1st: Pete Jones - 258cm; 2nd: Barry Eggleton - 204cm; 3rd: Mick Goodger - 191cm

Biggest fish - 1st: Pete Jones - 51cm dogfish; 2nd: Roley Childs - 30cm whiting; 3rd: Mick Goodger - 29cm whiting

Lee-on-Solent, 11th Feb:

1st: Chris Finch - 333cm; 2nd: Mark Duncan - 326cm; 3rd: Roley Childe - 242cm

Biggest fish - 1st: Chris Finch - 57cm dogfish; 2nd Pete Farrell - 29cm whiting; 3rd: Roley Childe - 28cm ray

Stokes Bay, 21st Jan:

1st: Chris Clark - 513cm; 2nd: Danny Mogridge - 426cm; 3rd: Simon Mapstone - 325cm

Biggest Fish - 1st: Danny Mogridge - 34cm whiting; 2nd: Chris Clark - 33cm flounder; 3rd: Cormac Meenehan - 30cm whiting

Match Results 2015

Biggest flatfish 2015: 25cm plaice - Dave Edwards

Biggest round fish 2015: 61cm spotted ray - Dave Jones

Christmas Open 28th Dec:

1st: Mick Goodger - 389cm; 2nd: Darren Newlands - 343cm; 3rd: Wayne Perrett - 338cm; 4th: Andy Pemberton - 324cm

Biggest flatfish: Jim Druce - plaice 32cm; biggest round: Andy Pemberton - dogfish 58cm