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We provide a wide range of services to anglers. For more information, please give us a ring on 01329 220 354.

Rod repair

Broken a ring or snapped your tip section? Our in-house rod builder can repair it for you! Bring it in and we'll assess the damage, tell you what your options are and how long a repair will take. Tip rings can usually be repaired while you wait!

Fresh bait orders

If you've got a fishing trip planned and want to be guaranteed the highest quality fresh bait then why not pre-book it in advance?

For the sea angler we source the best local ragworm, lugworm, black lug and peeler crab (subject to seasonal availability). We also stock a massive variety of frozen baits.

For coarse anglers we provide maggots, pinkies, casters, lobworms and dendrobaenas, plus a large selection of frozen boilies. Our shelves are stuffed full of the most effective groundbaits, pellets, particles, boilies and liquids.

Other services include:

  • Trade-in on used tackle
  • Rod building
  • Outboard hire
  • Day tickets
  • Club memberships