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Akios S-Line 757 CT 100008


Akios S-Line 757 CT

£94.99 £124.99

S-Line 757 CT is a specialist larger reel which has many of the features of the 757 CS but without the level wind. It sports a CT open frame for casting longer distances and relies on a proficient caster and centrifugal brakes to control the spool.

The S-Line 757 CT has a larger capacity and has all the same benefits as the 757 CS which include chrome plated brass side plates, upgraded stainless steel power handle, machined brass cut gears, carbon drag system, centrifugal braking, a larger spindle to prevent flex and jamming of the spool, dual anti-reverse, corrosion resistant instant anti reverse bearing, Japanese stainless steel bearings, line out alarm and high torque winding power.

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