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Bait-Tech Big Carp ADF Fishmeal Method Mix

Bait Tech

Bait-Tech Big Carp ADF Fishmeal Method Mix


Bait-Tech Big Carp ADF Fishmeal Method Mix contains ingredients processed with ADF technology. This process maintains the high nutritional quality of the ingredients and makes them highly digestible. This is more efficient and effective than standard fishmeals and Bait-Tech’s ADF fishmeals are from human grade quality fish.

The rich, high protein, amino packed food content of Big Carp Method Mix ADF Fishmeal will pull, hold and feed fish for longer. With an amino acid profile that boasts long range attractants and chemosensory stimulants, ADF Fishmeal is extremely pungent.

The ADF ingredients are highly soluble which fish sense quickly and attracts them into your swim.

Use in method fishing, spodding, stick mixes or sprinkle over glugged boilies for added attraction – this bait is so versatile it can be used everywhere!

Full of protein rich nuts and pulses which ensures attraction and reaction. Part of the key Amino triggers include: alanine, arginine, glycine, lysine, proline, valine, tyrosine, isoleucine and leucine.

  • High in attraction
  • Easy to mix
  • Medium-fast breakdown
  • ADF ingredients
  • 2 kg bag
  • Powerful aroma
  • Quicker bites

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