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Breakaway Hooks Ups BAHU


Breakaway Hook Ups


Breakaway Hook Ups are perfect for tethered and loop rigs. Made on a soft crimp, position and crimp into position - easy to use.

For a tethered rig, tie a swivel in your hook length 3-6 inches above your hook and place the hook into your chosen hook release clip such as the Imp or Impact Shield. Place the top eye of the swivel into the wire hook of the Hook Up and make sure the line between the hook and swivel is tight. Then just crimp onto the rig body and you can now fish any trace length clipped down for a long flowing trace.

For loop rigs instead of tying in cascade swivels turn the hook the other way up so pressures are onto the plastic part of the crimp and position 2-6 inches above the hook. Use as a bait stop and crimp onto the hook length. When released the bottom hook will drop below the lead.

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