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CC Moore Equinox Pellets

CC Moore

CC Moore Equinox Pellets


Rich in soluble fish and milk proteins, spices, fruit extracts and Haith’s Robin Red, Equinox is a powerfully attractive year round bait that fish just love. Its unique, sweet taste and aroma combines with a comprehensive nutrient profile to create a bait that is a remarkably consistent ‘instant’ catcher.

These highly attractive, custom made pellets contain the same powerful liquid attractors as Equinox boilies and paste, making them the perfect loose feed or bag mix ingredient for anglers fishing with Equinox Boilies and other products in the Equinox range.

  • Low in oil and highly digestible. Ideal for year-round use
  • Sweet, smooth, fruity taste and sweetly spiced, yeasty aroma
  • Rich in essential amino acids derived from high quality proteins
  • Contains fish, yeast, poultry & vegetable proteins
  • Superb size for use in PVA Bags and sticks
  • Can be scalded to create a great cloud-forming paste
  • Excellent addition to particle, spod & loose feed mixes

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