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Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX-185 LED Lantern CSL185


Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX-185 LED Lantern

£21.50 £34.99

The Chub Sat-A-Lite LTX-185 LED Lantern has a powerful maximum output of 185 lumens and swivel-mounted LED.

Unlike standard lanterns, the LED is mounted on a swivel head. This allows you to swivel the LED through 180° for forward directional torch light but also just turning through 45° will allow you to side weight the light level. Useful for illuminating your bivvy but keeping light disturbance over the water to a minimum.

A substantial battery life of 45 hrs in low and 25 hrs in high mode ensures you've got enough power for a number of sessions.

  • Powerful and efficient 185 lumen Cree LED
  • Dual power setting for increased battery life
  • Swivel LED mount for upwards illumination
  • Illumination can be side weighted for lower bank disturbance

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