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Drennan AS6 Pole Floats FOAS06008


Drennan AS6 Pole Float


The AS6 is the latest addition to Drennan's award-winning pole float series designed in conjunction with Alan Scotthorne.

Currently the largest float family in the series, the AS6 was designed to meet Alan’s exacting requirements. Initially this was to cover deeper stillwaters of over 6 ft (2 m) or more. However, it soon became apparent just how versatile the AS6 was for a wide variety of venues, including rivers and deep canals.

The oval body offers good stability, particularly in windy conditions. It is also made from high-grade balsa for maximum buoyancy, which is protected with our special acrylic paint finish to create a super-tough ‘shell’.

A 1.5 mm hollow glow tip in red, orange or yellow offers excellent visibility and works well with a wide variety of hook baits. A long, durable carbon stem is securely bonded into the body and offers good stability without affecting the float’s overall balance.

The AS6 also features our unique black stainless steel spring eye. This is lighter than a conventional spring eye and also cannot be ripped out of the body like a traditional side eye can. Being double wound also ensures there is no chance of the main line getting trapped.

The AS6 is a versatile, no-nonsense design, exceptionally made and built to last.

  • Designed in conjunction with five times World Champion Alan Scotthorne
  • Highly buoyant balsa body
  • Super-tough acrylic paint finish
  • Black stainless steel spring eye
  • Durable 0.8 mm carbon stem
  • 1.5 mm hollow Glow Tip
  • Red, orange and yellow tips included with every float
  • Tips strengthened with a spigot
  • Concentric construction
  • Hand built and assembled in Drennan’s own factories
  • 0.4 g, 0.6 g, 0.8 g, 1 g, 1.25 g and 1.5 g sizes available

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