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Drennan Series 7 13ft Power Carp Waggler Rod


Drennan Series 7 13 ft Power Carp Waggler


The Drennan Series 7 13 ft Power Carp Waggler breaks down into two equal sections of 6 ft 1.5 in (1.84 m) with a separate 1 ft (30 cm) lower handle, so you get a 13 ft rod which is as easy to transport as a 12 ft model.

This rod and sleeve arrangement is a simple but revolutionary design which is wonderfully convenient and avoids all the problems and tangles associated with three-piece made-up rods. Since the design also reduces the number of joints in front of the angler’s hand, the action of the blank is also noticeably improved.

Supplied with a rod sleeve and a set of neoprene retaining bands, it is a superb float rod for commercial fisheries. It is also long enough for a decent cast and to control hard-fighting carp. The Series 7 Power Carp Waggler boasts an excellent semi-through action to avoid breakages and hook pulls when playing fish under the rod tip, but with plenty of power to help steer hard-fighting carp.

Ideal reel lines are 4 lb to 8 lb (0.18 mm to 0.25 mm) and hooklengths of 3 lb to 7 lb (0.16 mm to 0.23 mm). This rod was designed for the larger commercial fisheries where the fish are slightly larger and the pegs more spacious. The longer 13 ft blank also aids casting distance and accuracy, which can be vital when putting together a good bag of fish.

It is ideal for all types of float work, from fishing a small, delicate waggler in the margins to distance casting a big Loaded Missile or Skud.

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