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Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker 12ft Carp Feeder Rod


Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker 12 ft Carp Feeder


The Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker 12 ft Carp Feeder is a powerful rod with an excellent fish playing action that is ideally suited to medium to large carp on commercial fisheries.

The longest in the family of three Carp Feeder rods, the 12 ft is able to cast much longer distances and copes well with heavier leads and loaded feeders. The extra length affords plenty of control when battling carp around the marginal obstacles and there is still the required through action to help absorb sudden lunges and to minimise the possibility of hook pulls and line breakages.

For a powerful carp feeder rod, this blank still feels extremely light and well balanced. Accurate, long-distance casting of big feeders and Method feeders is no problem, yet the fish-playing action remains soft and forgiving. This helps to subdue big, hard-fighting fish and reduces the incidence of hook pulls, particularly under the rod tip.

Despite its name, this rod also makes an excellent river feeder rod for catching chub and barbel.

It is best matched with 4 lb to 8 lb reel lines and the 3 oz and 4 oz slow taper glass quivertips are ideal for bite registration and blend in exceptionally well with the blank.

It is also designed to break down into two equal length sections with one of its quivertips in place, making it really convenient to set up and put away quickly.

Supplied with a Series 7 padded rod sleeve complete with neoprene rod retaining straps.

  • 12 ft (3.66 m) length
  • 3 oz and 4 oz glass quivertips
  • Ideal with 4 lb to 8 lb reel lines
  • Folds conveniently into two
  • High Modulus Carbon blank
  • Full Cork Handle
  • SiC Guides
  • Padded rod sleeve and neoprene straps

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