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Drennan Silverfish 13ft Float Rod


Drennan Series 7 Silverfish 13 ft Float


The Series 7 13 ft Silverfish Float is a light-action float rod, which breaks down like a 12 ft two-piece rod, into two equal length sec­tions of 6 ft 1.5 in (1.84 m) and a seperate 1 ft (30 cm) handle.

This revolu­tionary design, is won­der­fully con­venient and avoids all the prob­lems and tangles asso­ci­ated with three piece made up rods. The reduc­tion in the number of fer­rules in front of the hand, also notice­ably improves the bal­ance and action of the blank itself.

The rod is ideal for still or run­ning water, and the blank has a semi-through action with a super soft tip — per­fect for roach and skim­mers, yet has reserves of power should that bonus fish be hooked.

Lightweight and well bal­anced, the 13 ft Silverfish Float is com­fort­able to hold and use all day. The blank’s fast ye for­giving action improves line pick up and striking when trot­ting at long dis­tances, yet remains soft enough to pre­vent hook pulls and break­ages when using light lines and del­icate hook links. Ideal reel lines from 2 lb to 4 lb (0.12 mm to 0.18 mm) and lighter hook­lengths from a lb to 3.5 lb (0.08 mm to 0.14 mm). This makes it the per­fect tool for all float work for small to medium sized fish, whether run­ning a stick float through a fast river glide for dace, roach and chub or fishing a small wag­gler for still­water roach, perch and skimmers.

The rod comes with its own spe­cially designed sleeve, with a pocket inside it to store the short handle sec­tion when it is removed.

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