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ESP Stash Light


ESP Stash Light


Light and comfortable, features include an adjustable elasticated head band, angle adjustment and three lighting options. 

The single red LED provides subtle illumination which is perfectly good for close up work but which when turned off does not impair night vision.

One to all three white LED's provide focussed light for close up work in the bivvy such as rig tying, reading, cooking etc. or wider, brighter illumination for landing fish.

Pressing the button goes through the three different lighting modes:

  • 1 press: 1 red LED
  • 2 press: Muted, focussed single white LED
  • 3 press: Brighter, wider triple white LED?s
  • Supplied with one long life 1.5 V AA Duracell battery
  • Net weight including battery 61 g

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