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Korda Safe Zone Ring Swivel Leader


Korda Safe Zone Ring Swivel Leader


This leader with a size-8 ring swivel on the end is best used with inline leads, lead clips, running rigs and method feeders. Once wet, all these types of lead system will easily slip over the tungsten collars and the fused loop at the end of the leader. When the leaders are dry, products such as inline leads and method feeders will stick to the tungsten sections and you will think they are unsafe. However, when wet they slip over them with ease and, let's face it, when underwater they'll always be moist.

All the leaders have two tungsten sections, one third and two thirds of the way down the length to ensure the whole leader sinks to the lake bed on a slack line. Compare them to anything else on the market and it is blatantly obvious a great deal of thought has gone into them. Korda have made them in 1m lengths, which is longer than the original versions.

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