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Reuben Heaton Specimen Hunter 120lb x 2oz

Reuben Heaton

Reuben Heaton Specimen Hunter Scale, 120 lb x 2 oz

£90.00 £99.99

The Specimen Hunter is designed to meet the requirements of the modern specialist angler. This model features a saltwater resistant interior as standard and comes with a separate lens mounted light source for night fishing which illuminates the whole dial during night operation.

All Specimen Hunters feature a negative look high visibility dial with anti glare finish. As with all Reuben Heaton specialist scales, this model has a large tare/zero range of up to 15% of range and an accuracy of over one part in 500. A top class scale used by competition and specimen anglers alike.

  • 120 lb x 2 oz
  • Scalite auto off function remains illuminated during the weighing process
  • Tough shatterproof polycarbonate body and lens
  • Stainless steel hook and hang point
  • Corrosion resistant internal components
  • Generous tare range/zero facilities for weighted nets
  • Full overload protection

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