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Rovex XTS Monofilament


Rovex XTS Monofilament


Created with the best materials by the best minds in the business, the Rovex XTS Mono lines break new ground. Any angler looking for the ideal line at the right price is sure to find joy with Rovex XTS Mono.

Featuring extremely fine diameters to breaking strains, the Rovex XTS Monofilament lines are set to rule the roost for the long haul. Rugged as they come, these lines combine a superior casting experience with durability to perfection. A class above other monofilament lines, the Rovex XTS Monofilament Fishing line is a line that flows with amazing strength.

Rovex XTS Monofilament lines have been designed using the latest technology. Made from a state-of-the-art super copolymer nylon formula, these lines are the stuff of dreams. Rovex XTS Monofilament lines are hard lines that feel soft and comfortable in the hand. There is just nothing quite like making the perfect long distance cast with Rovex XTS Monofilament lines.

With so much power and top-notch engineering backing the Rovex XTS Monofilament lines, it’s no wonder that everyone wants the XTS on their spool.

330 yard spools.

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