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Sticky Baits The Krill White Ones KPW16

Sticky Baits

Sticky Baits The Krill White Ones


As the name suggests, The Krill “White Ones” are striking white hookbaits that offer you a great visual edge when bites are hard to come by fishing a traditional food bait counterpart.

As well as the fluoro colour, these little beauties also have boosted attractor levels to really help them stand out and steal you those extra pick-ups.

The 12mm’s pop-ups are great for both zigs and snowman presentations, whereas the 16mm’s are ideal for the ultra-popular chod rigs and will keep a big hook up indefinitely; we believe these two sizes should cater for all occasions.

Supplied in 12mm or 16mm diameter pop-ups in 100g tubs, and 16mm diameter wafters in 130g tubs.

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