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Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly


Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly


If you’re looking for a compact brolly that is able to offer you maximum interior space then you need look no further. The Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly does just that – combining a lightweight and small pack down with acres of head room for your ultimate comfort and convenience. With a 50 inch maximum rib length, this brolly is 10 inches smaller than the original HD MHR, allowing you to be even more mobile than ever before. In an era of fishing where mobility has never been more important, this brolly is an ideal addition to your carp fishing collection. It offers a packed weight of 5 kg and the brolly and storm poles alone weigh in at 3 kg. This means that you can strap this bivvy to your rod sleeve or quiver in order to transport it quickly and easily between swims – leaving your hands free for other important tackle items.

The brolly gets its name from its maximum head room (MHR) central boss system, which is unique to the HD MHR brolly range. This boss system results in a total brolly height of almost 130 cm and this means that you can sit completely upright on a low level day chair, ensuring that you are totally comfortable throughout your time on the bank. With a footprint of 124 cm deep and 245 cm wide, you can comfortably fit most standard bedchairs under this brolly. The extended storm sides provide additional protection, too, and are ideal for angling in cooler conditions. The brolly comes with two storm poles, which provide additional structural support.

The Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly has a number of neat added extras which really help to set it apart from the other 50 inch brollies on the market. One such feature is the internal storage pockets. These are manufactured from mosquito mesh, so they can dry out rapidly should you choose to store damp or wet tackle items in them. However, they are intended for the storage of valuable bankside items which you don’t want to risk getting wet or falling from your pockets, such as your phone, car keys, or your bite alarm receiver. These pockets can also be removed entirely, should you feel you have no need for them. Another nice feature is the dual rod retainer straps on the front of the brolly. These provide you with a safe place to secure your rods whilst you’re rigging up between takes, ensuring that they cannot slip and damage the brolly.

The Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly is manufactured from a heavy duty rip stop material. This is incredibly durable and it can withstand decades of use – this really is a brolly for life. What’s more, this material offers a hydrostatic head rating of 10,000 mm. This means that it can withstand 10 m of water pressure before it will begin to soak through and leak – much more than it will ever be exposed to either here in the UK or on the continent. No matter how heavy the rain, you can guarantee that you’ll stay dry under the Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly. It comes supplied with a heavy duty groundsheet at standard. This way, even if you turn up on the bank after rain has fallen, you’ll always have somewhere dry to store your luggage.

Mobility is one of your biggest bankside assets, so why inhibit this by carrying around a cumbersome shelter – particularly if you’re only intending on enjoying a day session. The Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly ensures that you can always keep on top of the carp, increasing your chances on success and reducing the risk that you’ll leave the bank disappointed.

  • 50 in max rib length
  • 10,000 mm hydrostatic head all-new HD ripstop material
  • Unique MHR central boss system
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Extended internal skirt
  • Supplied with 2 storm poles
  • Heavy duty groundsheet
  • Aluminium pegging points
  • Rod retainer straps
  • Neoprene storm pole caps
  • Wychwoods 5-year warranty
  • Packed weight 5 kg
  • Brolly and storm poles weight 3 kg
  • Dimensions: 1240 mm D x 1290 mm H x 2450 mm W
  • Weight: 5 kg

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